venue: Ambas Kitchen / tdate: July 22, 2020 / author: RP / rating: (4.5 out of 5)

Exceptional food was up there with the best

Exceptional food was up there with the best

Ambas Kitchen

The Restaurant             Amba’s  Kitchen  South Indian Cuisine        

177-179 Brighton Road South Croydon CR2 6EG   0208 688 9123

Taking the spot occupied by Khana Peena, Amba’s Kitchen sports a very modern and smart frontage. Inside the décor is as the exterior, smart, clean and modern. Lots of space with a pleasant airy feel. Tables were well spaced out as expected due to Corona but not excessively so.

The menus caused us some concern. One complete page is devoted to beverages which we thought a bit OTT. The other side took some sorting out. Four, “Just for a start” items, then “Starters” ranging from £6 to £11.95. All looked appetizing, but suspiciously expensive. We finally worked out that “Vegetarian” and “Non Vegetarian” were indeed main courses, although priced the same as starters. It turned out that both starter and main were similar in size. So reluctantly we chose 2 starters each, and surprise surprise we had to have the dreaded doggy bag. A pity that there were no small vegetable side dishes.

Having said all of that the food was delicious. Chilli Chicken was crispy and dry complimented by the lovely moist chicken inside the crust.The Schewzan Chicken was different and as good but put me on my limit,  so sadly into the DB.


A good evening. Amba’s  welcoming environment, host and waiters, along  with exceptional food was up there with the best, and as I will definitely be returning, maybe some Masala chips and one starter or one main non vegetarian meal will be the order of the day.

rating: (4.5 out of 5)